Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
O Saki!
The tavern was empty that night
Beneath the mystic glow of the candle
My goblet overflowed with the honey
Of your henna dotted hands
The fingers clinging to the decanter of brass
Ghazals each one of them
Artistically endowed by the lord
Your slender wrist bent to pour
My liquid balm in sodden fog
The cup trembled in ecstasy
As the wine metamorphosed into you
My Laila. Sassi ,Heer , sahibaa,
Alladin’s genie had heard my pleas
Fervent duas for a sip of your
Enigmatic being my saki
A gulp of you and I was the Enlightened one
My own Buddha was I that night
As the wick of the candle flared into an inferno
Before it extinguished forever
My thirst and itself .
Copyright Lily Swarn 26.3.2017
The ghost
I knew you had come that day
The breeze was heavy with your breath
The moon slipped away furtively
Behind the thick pall of gloom
That hovered over my grey dome
The Chakor whelped in pain
Across the navy blue mountains
A lost sheep bleated in fear
While the owl looked on in wondrous awe
The cypress swayed in drunken stupor
Casting ominous shadows over my reclining form
I knew you had come that day
Copyright Lily Swarn 27.32017
Lily Swarn

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