“an existent Love-Being” / By Ade Caparas

“an existent Love-Being”

i view my existence like a magical flashes, where fairies come and go like a shooting star… a fragmented tale, sometimes i have the fear of the dark night and then the wonderful spring folly frog’s croaks… my joyful playful times seemingly too short compared to my agonizing fear of a coming storm. _times when i consequently fall into a ravine yet my being’s intense eagerness for discoveries, something beyond my understanding, makes me surface to freedom.

why, why do i wish to live, when everyday of my life… i need to struggle?
why, why am i in constant opposition with what i am, while nature fleetingly smiles her way?
why, why am i a rebel like Eve of Eden?

why am i created… surely, God has his reason
as a human being, i create:
sometimes for wealth, for beauty, for competition…
but God needs nothing of nothing of these
so, tell me, why why am i created?
nature, as created are so willingly obedient
happy contented satisfied, the way they are
while i, a human being distort destroy intervene
am i trying to compete with God?

does God have emotion?
loneliness made Him create me
religion says, He is a jealous God
He wants all my love
for Him but Him alone
am i LOVE?
am i a LOVE-Being
are my life struggles because
i refuse myself as an Existent Love-Being

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

2 thoughts on ““an existent Love-Being” / By Ade Caparas

  1. Universal dichotomy of human mind always in quest of the purpose of existence very personally touched with clear and candid confession but rising from falls to glory.
    An analysis of daily life with strife and indomitable will to survive.Simple expression with a natural flow.

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