Poems by Muhammad Azram

Poems by Muhammad Azram
Spruced in time
Amid and surrounded
By net of moments
Shirking a moment
For a moment or covet
Fleeing from jaws of time
And marvel on the trend
Death of moment results
Death rendezvous with time
Take life into vastness
What will happen?
Will it be a pleasure or treasure?
When I will break a net of these moments
And flee myself from nets of time
Succession will surely
Take me out of the existence
Of reason and wobbly presence, and
Take me into vast lands of cosmic fortitude
And failure will honor me
The unchanged divine mortality
That relentlessly honors me philosophy
Of transformation to an undying eternity
Inimitable preeminence
As life; as decreeing power
Neither entity nor appearance
Appeared on stage of existence
And would disappear
From phase of subsistence
As form of highest oomph
With unique privilege
Of having all the energies
Revolving around me as epic
Privileged, and sitting on prestige
Among all living energies
Revolving within parameters of life
No power has aptitude to challenge
The greatness of my persistence
As solitary engaging power
Moves and revolves around life
Engages life, relates life
And communicates across life
After leading my this epoch
Will transform as form of subliminal
And transform myself to another prestige.

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