Fatma, The Icon of Struggle / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by  Olfa Philo


Fatma, The Icon of Struggle

A blond, tall and sportive man fell in love once
with the strong and sportive brunette “Fatma”
His heart pretenders then envied her for this gain
Yet gossipers should always be treated with disdain
Their love was then stronger than enviers’ invisible guns
And they gave birth to three charming and sportive sons;
The first was bighearted, witty yet impulsive and rebellious
The second was smart, shrewd, reserved and wise
The third was shy and calm with an alluring guise
Time went by and the three sons grew up under the same sky
Their unceasing needs, dreams and whims, Fatma had to gratify
Two of them were easy to parent, educate and rear
While she had to struggle with the one addicted to beer…

Like every home, hot and freezing weathers visited their nest
Till one day their roof was shaken by an unexpected guest
Gossip about a malicious female courting their dad
A sudden lightning as such drove everyone mad!
One of the proliferating bitches like mushroom
Was infatuated with Fatma’s husband and started
Plotting to kick them all out and share his bedroom
She knew that she couldn’t compete with his love for the four
So she was determined to declare an occult cold war!
Sorcery has always been used for these evil deeds from the dawn of history
Yet their demonic spells and talismans have deliberately remained a mystery…

For Fatma,the former handball player, a decisive match had started
And for triumph she had to be persevering and wholehearted
Many gossipers reported to her more than once their secret meetings
Hence Fatma was planning her retaliation and beatings
She was determined to catch them red-handed
So her methods, traps and tactics she expanded

As sorcery drives its victims numb, deaf and blind
The vulgar bitch was in her hubby’s eyes one-of- a- kind!
Yet Fatma the warrior had never given up the fight
And refused to abandon her charming knight…

She kept playing the role of the cop
Spying, chasing and investigating
Looking for proofs and traps non stop!
Till she came across the talisman of separation
In one of the drawer by chance
Together with the magic potion
Meant to drive the prey into a state of trance
Since the man kept denying and denying,
She kept spying and verifying…

She was told about their itinerary
And observed them repeatedly from far
But the cop was determined to chase their car
Till she finally reached their secret nest
Knocked on the door to see the bitch manifest
The husband swallowed his tongue out of shame
Yet the bitch was too arrogant to abandon the game!
They started exchanging blames and insults
Yet Fatma knew very well her rival’s secret use of the occult
So from the first round she caught her from her hair
And made sure to uproot some to use it as a threat
For her rival to give up and look elsewhere…
The bitch was so enraged and vey scared
To have her magic recipe impaired
By a counter magic potion containing her hair
Hence escaped immediately from there…
Yet the arrogant witch didn’t have the intention to give up
She was so determined to plan for the follow-up…

As sorcery drives its victims numb, deaf and blind
The poor husband was still attached to that ugly one-of- a- kind!
Yet Fatma the warrior had never given up the fight
And refused to abandon her charming knight…

They arranged to get married secretly like most witches
Yet blessed Fatma had angels bringing her news of the bitch
On their wedding day she had the flare of something wrong behind her back
She brought her troublemaker son and went looking for their tracks
She found her rival with two relatives in the back of the car
Preparing to furnish the house and welcome the bitch as a star
“What the heck are you doing in my father’s car?”
Exclaimed her son furiously while punching the window with his fist
Some broken pieces of glass injured her face and made her go to the police
To report the aggression and imprison the son and fulfill one more evil caprice…
Policemen were firm but didn’t know with whom to side?
With the kidnapper of husbands or with the son’s injured pride
No one was imprisoned and that round was over
Yet the war witnessed then a divine changeover…

As sorcery drives its victims numb, deaf and blind
The victim was still attached to that arrogant one-of- a- kind!
Fatma, the warrior, the cop, the fierce fighter and the zealous mother
Found herself helpless before the blindness caused by those magic spells
She finally raised the white fag and abandoned the fight
But entrusted God above to avenge her and make things right…

The demonic lust and craziness were both consumed during their marriage
And the bitch was excited to be pregnant and to have defeated his ex-wife
Her pregnancy reached full term and he baby was safely given birth
But a sudden death kidnapped the baby a while after landing on earth…

The Almighty God was there to turn her celebration into a funeral
For the witch’s’ downfall was sooner or later presumable
That marriage built on sorcery and manipulation
Ended finally with tears, regrets and damnation…

The three sons were excited to have their dad join back his home
But another fat and ugly sorcerer emerged suddenly from nowhere
To have him kidnapped again and shake once more their dome…

It seems that:

The weapons and power of this esoteric occult realm has been invincible
In each age when humans lose faith, moral values and principles…

Olfa Philo


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