Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara



I saw her at a party
She charmed me with her grace
I couldn’t refrain from looking at her pretty face
In wonder and admiration
At once , became the object of my fascination
A sensation I had never felt before
My burning desire grew more and more
It was definitely her spell
What else could that be?
She had enthralled me
That temptation to evil was great
From the juicy fruit I was craving
To take a bite
And satiate my appetite
Bearing in mind what happened
To Adam and Eve
I didn’t want to suffer the same fate
From the apple fruit I had to abstain
Spare myself embarrassment and pain
I prayed God to resist to be strong
Before doing something terribly wrong
Jeopardizing my happiness
My faith
And all whom I love.



In this world full of imperfections
You’re my perfection.
In this world full of dishonesty,
You’re my certainty
In this world full of unfaithfulness
You’re my trustworthiness
In this world full of wretchedness,
You’re my joy , my happiness.
In this world full of woes
, You’re the only one who stands by my side
So beautiful, understanding and kind
In this world full of hate,
You’re my love, my soul mate
You are you
You are true
Your perfect imperfections I adore
You are the woman my heart leaps for.


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