RADHAKRISHNAN– Ah, distant memories for this little girl,
A pit of hell became her home sweet,
No longer her sweet retreat
Dad comes drunk and enraged
Like an animal released from cage
He kicks and hit her many times
Her bruises are testimony to many such crimes
A whip hammering on her back,
Lashing at her as if she is a mud sack
Stricken with panic from the attack
Tortured soul suffered an earth quack
Pain racked her body and hatred filled her mind,
What is the end to this abusive trend?

NUTAN- It was not real, it was just hell,
every yell, a shortcut to hell
In his abuse she grew so meek,
in it a love to weep
don’t hit me
let me go
I was a child born to you
to sow the seeds of hate in you
to devour
a mockful life in me to suffer
forever more
When will you see my own worth
I may be a girl born to hurt
stop your hate, love me
I am your fate
Don’t hate

But he didn’t wait
his hate to abate
Day and night, she suffered her dead fate
Wake me God,
wake me to your love
don’t break me
make me your love
in your love
Don’t mock my love

RADHAKRISHNAN- Abusive words fired from his mouth faster,
Blows and kicks raining harder,
Black and blue bruises now bleeding
He turned deaf tear to her pleading
Tear filled eyes swollen,
Her happy childhood stolen
Whimpering and begging, she crawl
But he banged her head on the wall
Leaving a trail of blood
Crushed is the little bud

NUTAN- She bled in her tears,
her eyes just said hit me dad, hit me more
till you love me no more
in your anger to love me more
if this the way you show your love
I am that hate you hate to love
love me more

Everyday his hittings she did take
in it hating me
him no more
sad it was
he loved her no more
or was it that in him his love grew more
every blow a hate of love
bemused, she pondered
if this was love
how much hate could he release
in his love
to show her his love
The beatings grew frequent
more and more
bleeding her to death
no more
in it she found a pleasure so sore
she touched herself
feeling his love soar
don’t hate
for if you beat me
I love you more

RADHAKRISHNAN- At the age so tender and fragile,
She suffered more than what she could handle,
Pulled hair and head hitting the wall,
What was her fault for this abuse to befall?
Helpless, she curled on the chair
Kicked and punched, the violence so unfair
How long must this nightmare continue?
After all the abuse she has been through,
In her school all her friends were pampered
By their dads, and in love they all surrendered
She asked God why she alone suffered
But all her questions were not answered
But her scars did tell lots of story
About her souls endless agony
Is this her glorious childhood?
Will she ever be treated good?

NUTAN- Yes, she was too trusting,
A life too mistrusting
Horrified at life she hid within
terrified every day
her day to begin in a new strife
Alone she cried, a life so tired
testing her, cheating her with its own life
If this was life, give me death
To hug me in those memories to brood and rest
Night brought thosememories to brood and reel
Every time to wake up her in their real
but live she must a life given
waiting to be forgiven
for what did she do wrong
she wondered ever so often
take me with you, don’t leave me rotten,
I am but you

RADHAKRISHNAN- One night God came to her in her dreams,
And consoled her in her sorrows streams
He told her not to be afraid
All those sufferings will make her stronger in the end
At that moment she was determined
She won’t let herself be undermined
She worked hard at her studies
She outshone all her buddies
She passed her exams with top ranking,
That made her dad to do some thinking
He realized her true worth
Thanked that moment she took birth
She was forward bound with determination
Leaving those days of hurt and frustrations
She never thought of giving up
Though she suffered a lot and had enough
Abused child, oh, she is not the only one
Many others had also troubles of their own
She looked back of those torturous days
Now she can proudly say
Though life was hard and extremely tough
She was glad that she did not give up.
Many times she thought of running away,
But fate played its role for her to stay,
Her dad’s excessive alcohol consumption,
Gave him lots of convulsions.
Alcohol has eaten his liver,
With acute pain he started to quiver.

NUTAN- Fate struck untowered and he took ill,
In his sickness, a broken will
She nursed him bck with love,
the same love in its tortured love
His hate withdrew in a love that grew
in the warmth of her hands
her love she threw
In a love born so true
Little did he realize
It was his love she only knew
In her strength a love new
Born out of his love
Faithful and true

RADHAKRISHNAN-In her love, his love to shower,
For she is such a pure hearted flower,
She decided to give him all the care,
Though he gave her only tears,
How can she desert him in this condition?
Through her love, she aimed
To bring in him a love’s transition,

Her love and care changed her dad’s heart,
His conscience started tearing him apart,
For all the hate, in return only love he got,
Daughters are more precious than gold pots.

NUTAN- In their love hiding a golden heart,
Stolen, beating with broken heart,
Love me for me,
Live in me,
For I am your love,
Love me.





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