Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Freedom from Slavery!

Joy of unity and freedom all enjoy only in celebrating festivals;
After that we have to forget freedom and unity as usual as slaves
Of this or that in everyday life of the world we all live ever…!

The sense of joy, unity and freedom all cannot have forever here;
Freedom perhaps can come only after we hear the last bell in life;
Till then we have to pull on complete freedom only in dreams ever!

Shakespeare is true in his famous saying about human life in the world;
He says that thoughts are the slave of life in the world we all live;
Life is fool of time and time that takes surrey of all must end one day!

Only when the time of one ends in this world, one can be free forever,
Free to enjoy individual liberty far away from this madding crowd here;
Until then, we are all slaves of money, things, subsistence and all needs!

Relinquishing attachment as slaves to things, men and desire only, one can
Think of enjoying real free and blissful life in Nature and after life…!


Take Challenge to Succeed in Life!

Challenges take us to greater heights in life;
Safe play is a cautious person’s way to do all;
With knowledge, vision and talent one can deal
All challenges with confidence to win in game!

In everything in life, taking challenges all
Are doing masterpieces to become great ever;
If matter is known by visualization of ideas,
It is possible to take challenge and do great!

Once it has become a habit, it is a routine
To do so everyday to tackle any matter so well;
Whether it is music or song or poetry or art,
Urge to do makes one take challenge and do well!

Before writing poetry, there will be nothing in
The mind to start with, but once determined to
Do something worthwhile, inspiration and urge
Within will lead one get ideas and words to do it!

Likewise, many things are done by many experts
In the world we are all part and parcel for long;
This we should not forget, when we hesitate to do
Anything challenging to succeed in world life sure!

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