Poems by Ezhil Vendhan

Poems by Ezhil Vendhan


Smile Please

You will like to smile again as you feel your love within.
Smile for a moment
You lose nothing but beget something.
Smile for a while
as smile makes your face glow like a flower.
Dimples may appear which are unique and rare. Smile often and whenever you feel
as smile brings out your real self.
Smile is sign of positive attitude raises your altitude.
Smile relieves pains and stress
and make your heart healthy.
Smile is highly contagious
and brings you more returns.
Smile wherever you are as smile makes your presence,
Reinforces your image
influences you on others.
Smile please without delay as someone near may be in sorrow.
Smile to anyone near
as smile ensures joy and cheer.


You’re the Worth of the Earth

The day is great as you’re worth
as to greet the roots of labour.
You only grace this globe
with food and lively goods.

I fold my palms to salute
and stretch out to shake hands,
you’re the worth of the earth.

Sunny rays weave
green Chlorophyll clothing to the crops.
Let’s thank the sun for its grace
on this farmers day.

Ploughing the soil making mud,
smoothening as if sandal paste,
soil’s flavour scent for farmers.

This festival of the spring
comes with flowers,
as to celebrate the farm animals.

The pride of farmers is awesome
they bestow their herds with treat.

Empty stomachs in fatigue,
disperse the women folks,
visit the fields with something to eat.

Glowing love in heart
You’re the worth of the earth
cultivation is a blissful delight.

Sweetening these canes to taste
apart from chemical salts
farmers’ wet sweat salts
had also to be thrown.

Saving the life of crops
water irrigation a must.
The farmers take the spade
it intersects the soil often.
Tired knees too sometimes wound out
wouldn’t the bleeding blood
flows together with water.

Ensuring the ownership of land
let’s honour
the farmers in grandeur.


Read Me

Read me once in full
never try to close
just after a fleeting look
on the face of it
since something underlies there .

I have put myself in this
simple and straight,
as much as I can,
to catch your mind and heart.

If you like to understand my soul
please read in between the lines,
as every word has,
its own seal behind it.

I don’t write anything,
on my own,
poetry writes itself through me
as I am only an innate tool
for poetry alone.

I have nothing,
to hide from you,
as there is only one truth
for everything,
which is always beautiful
than ugly lies,
however decorated,
read me once in full.

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