This Death! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
This Death!
When you come
and tap me on my shoulder
I might rise up from my grave
And decide to hug you
Worm infested ashes crumbling
At your feet in adoration
What life never allowed
Death surely will
See how it parades
its omnipotence
This Death !
Maiming millions
Killing senselessly
Smirking at the rich
Crushing the poor
Just look at it
Laugh like a hyena
In the hospital corridors
Watch it cackle and guffaw
When children are orphaned
Death I will not let you snigger
At the helplessness of mortals
I shall rise like a Phoenix
And soar across the river of fire
Flapping my powerful wings
Across numerous skies and constellations
It’s not a game of superiority
It’s love in the face of deadly hatred
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.3.2017

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