Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
Her longing eyes were searching for someone at the party.
Holding the glass of wine in her hands,
She was murmuring his name, while
Wearing a crimson dress with matching lipstick,
looking aristocratic ‘n hot undoubtedly!
Suddenly she bumped into his beloved
Whom she had been searching for, for a long time.
Her crimson lips and smoky eyes were
enough to hypnotise any man!
Her iconic beauty had a clever mind too.
‘Where were you honey!!’ she asked him!!
She held him tightly and kissed him so passionately!
‘Now I would not let you go with that bitch . . .
Your whole time would be mine . . .’
She was laughing, giggling and smiling poisonously…
The party was over, it was departure time.
Her soul was crying but she was smiling continuously
as an inconspicuous thought was running in her mind
like the whirlpool of ocean.
As the two tidal waves of whitecaps flow with each other–
Exactly like our lives— unless one has tranquility,
Peace, freedom and joy.
But another has nothing—only the turmoil of thoughts.
She cleverly hid her sentiments under her smile.
The full moon is beautiful enough to cast it’s spell,
But internally she is full with ugly scars.
An ugly past life made her tough like a rock
That never utters a single word
whether thousands of waves touches it’s feet—
No emotions at all!
Everything is fake ! She whispered
They were walking with each other hand-in-hand
so romantically that no one can imagine about their past.
And when they stopped in a deserted road …
She tightly hugged him saying bye !
Black night seemed to be a curse for him
Someone ambushed him!
Now He was lying on the road struggling badly for life!
She smiled—
And started her car as if nothing had happened that night..
Because whenever she kissed him, it was just physical for him!
But his kiss on her lips was printed on her soul!
And she couldn’t digest his infidelity.
Her heart was frozen like an iceberg
When the ship of love hits it…
It will break down into pieces of fatal hatred ‘n disaster.
The tiny pieces of Ice are like glass pieces
That hurt badly in her soul.
A long pain of betrayal now made her so heartless!
When soul bleeds crimson
Its deep pain becomes fatal !
And love turned into hatred!
Next day…
Watching the morning news with morning tea . . .
‘A reputed businessman was murdered brutally last night on Carter Road….’
And she was smiling with every sip of her tea!!
Was she a lunatic!
Or a broken hearted lady!!
© 2017. Varsha Saran. All rights reserved.
You always look around and
Search for me in this whole world.
Who am I, that comes in your daily dreams,
Wearing a crimson dress with cherry lipstick,
Smokey eyes, a sensuous pout,
While Inviting gestures make you feel hungry!
Am I your dream girl!
Or love!
There is a slight difference between love ‘n lust.
Love is divine,
But lust is something connected with materials.
You always see me as a perfect material to play,
But an inconspicuous thought makes me feel tense.
What would happen when your hunger stops!
What would happen when any disease may ambush me
In its ugly arms!
No beauty!
No love!
Ahh! No magic of my shining eyes
No applause for my hypnotism!
O’ my crazy lover
I don’t want to see that cruel side of life!
Now! I am going to leave you
Never search for me!
Even in your dreams!
I wanted to be Juliet for you!
I wanted to be Leila for you!
I wanted to be Radha for you!
For an immortal, pure, and soulful love.
Now I will never come in your dreams
Bye my seeker!
Goodbye, forever!
© 2017. Varsha Saran. All rights reserved.

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