Nuanced colours / Poem by Hajer Smadah

Poem by Hajer Smadah
Nuanced colours
That work of art I adore
Depicts the many colours when life is sore
Though at one abrupt glance I could discern what lies beyond
It’s beauty in its full incarnation
Cheerfulness and sublimation
The white and black
The blue and the pink
Separable yet , in unison they melt
It’s what comes in between parentheses
Birth and death
Divinity in essence
The various colours that touch my serenity and wholeness
I remain faithful at dark and bright
Copyright@Hajer Smadah

2 thoughts on “Nuanced colours / Poem by Hajer Smadah

  1. Amazing and most inspiring , philosophical write ,,, diving deeply into our inners … exploring how to cope with the mystery maze of a life , Great work as always , my very dear friend , great writer , Lady ,Hajer Smadah ❤ 🙂 , Keep Shining

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