Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
I Love You
I dream of moonlit walks,
candlelit dinners;
I dream of dancing with you
by the moonlight.
I would like to run my fingers
through your hair,
feel the softness of your lips
next to mine;
I would like to melt in your arms.
I love you,
desire you;
I would like to be with you
for the rest of my life.
Mature Lovers
On the sunny sandy beach
In their relaxing moods
sit two mature lovers|
holding hands
The names of ex-lovers
The memories of youth’s
obsessiveness, illogical follies
are no longer taboos
between them
Together they laugh them off
They’ve learnt that
life is never a straight line
but rocky and marshy lands
have to be crossed first
before strolling amidst
smooth greenness
Wisdom flashing in their eyes
Unanimously they whisper
“We let it go – irreversible Past
We are the power of Present.”
Song of the Hearts
Melodious music
Metrical lyrics
Mystical tune
add up harmoniously
to your heartbeats
among the hits-list
My head on your chest
I’m about to express some
writer’s wit
Some deep, warm thought
but your loving stare
holds my breath
You sing to me
the philosophy of love
a song heard, unheard
amidst life
juggling with moods
Our lessons learnt
Egos, whims destroyed
Peacefully, wisely
our hearts sing
at the rhythm of maturity
the eternal song
of unfailing sincerity.

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