Poem by Nupur Chakrabarty

Poem by Nupur Chakrabarty


My Valentine

The day was special ,
And month unique,
Defiant, comes but once
In a year.
There was cheer all over.
The cuckoo calls and pollen-rain,
a whole medley
Of heart and brain!
I drank it all —
The mist and call,
Walking past every arbour,
Till found a sweet flower
At a corner of the day!
She looked at me
With eyes full of glee —
A face most beautiful ,
I had ever seen.
Love was a long forgotten word,
and yet,
I knew endearment, abrupt —
“Will you be my Valentine, dear girl ?”
“Come, let’s have fun together! ”
Rejoined my Valentine!



Rain didn’t stop .
With wet eyes she walked
Alone a long distance.
Flooded muddy roads ,
Thorny pathways, she crossed
Dales and bridges on rivers!
She covered the thickets
Full of snarly growths ,
And resonance of wickets.

She walked away thinking,
He would call…
Summoning all her strength.
And yet it was in vain…
He celebrated …
Nursed the dead-woods
And danced under the shades.

The rain dashed,
Leaving all awash.
The storm swept her pain away.
It was morning, she noticed
The sun was before her,
And the spring-tide.
She looked back,
And saw him standing enmeshed
In the middle of the waves.
The last drop of rain
Fell on her face…
She walked through the vales
Beyond the final drop-let.

Copyright @Nupur Chakrabarty All rights reserved ©


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