PETER PAN / Extract from the book “Always…” of the writer Diana Skrapari


A little boy dreamed to be like Peter Pan. He wanted to travel all around the world  and make all the children happy. He was an angel, God sent to save the mankind from its selfish nature,to see the world with the innocent eyes of a child.That boy had a beautiful voice like a pure crystal. When he began to sing,the people were astonished. He danced and the world kept its breath.

How is this possible? Who gives him that  power? they wondered.

He was special. He was talented and had a golden heart. Only few people understood him. The others thought he was weird because he was different. Foolish people never appreciate kindness. They think that kindness is a weakness  and kind people are stupid to be so kind. They use them because a good heart never hurts. Only the greed for money, telling lies and killing innocents  are called  intelligent options in life for them.

The Judgement Day, the boy called Peter Pan will stand by the Lord’s side and ask them a few questions:

Why did you torture me with your lies?

What did you earn from all this?

Are you happier now?

You built your happiness upon my sorrow, you broke me down and followed me everywhere like a nightmare.

Did I have to die that you live like Cresus?

Money, you wanted and I gave you,

You took everything from me,

Alive I didn’t have any worth,

But dead,  you could earn more money from me.

Peter Pan, if you see us up from heaven now,

Keep in mind,

You’ll always be in our hearts and IMMORTAL



Extract from the book “Always…” of the writer Diana Skrapari

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