WE CAN KISS ON THE SUNNY SIDE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo



You are walking by me…
Irresistible your tightened bodice
and silky shirt over your breasts
pronounced like two ripe pomegranates

above you a rain cloud floats
hiding your shadow skillfully

I thought you belonged to me
you and your shadow and the cloud

it was the scam of the century

birds rest on the neighbor’s cherry tree
amongst shy sweeter red fruits

go back to the sunny side of the street
where we can kiss each other
until we become lost to the world
so no curious glances can see us

no one is looking at the sun
it can burn the eyes and heart

blindness is very dangerous.

Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “Hoe to touch eternity down the mahalla” 2016.

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