Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad


Why did you walk on my heart?

Why did those lovely eyes of ancient type
Stalk upon my memory lanes in skype:
And why your holy lamp of Love pristine,
Shine on my pastures in heart’s hype?

And your Countenance Divine thrills,
Hence forth upon my faded hope hills!
And was my love mahal builded here,
Among these longing tears of cry shrills!

Bring back my brow of simmering desire;
Bring back my sorrows of affection fire:
Bring me my fear: all the secrets untold!
Bring me my scars of resplendent affair!

I will not cease from haunting your night,
Nor shall my words sleep in my pen light :
Till we have built our dream home,
In our enchanting Land that shines bright!

Copyright@Dr. Lsr prasad 19.2.2018



I saw you on that day feeding stray cats, i thought, but they are memories,
I asked you a loan of few smiles, and you gave me the whole treasuries!
I painted my tears of joy with your delicate whisperings, i scripted stories,
I saved the hurts and wounds of life in the depths of my eyes in all vagaries!

Come! Those are the windows you peeped into my life’s clouds and rainbows,
Leave me the fragrance of your visits and let me be immersed as the light glows,
The immense hole you left in my heart every moment it grows and grows,
i have no doors to close the gaps and thread to stitch the shadows in rows!

In these gardens of love we wandered with butterflies and honeybees,
In these waves of breeze we left our foot prints of time on wild geese,
In these petals of rose, lilies and orchids we left the imprints of our kisses,
In these groves of palm, banana and mango we had our hits and misses!

Now you wish to go away to a city far beyond compass measures!
Don’t steal my streets, o dear that sheltered our immense tears treasures!

Copyright@Dr. Lsr Prasad 19.2.2018



There they placed wreaths of lilacs and roses wet with tears,
They wore black dresses to announce the night journey fears,
Then the man with a grave face read a few stanzas in moral spheres,
Those who came remembered the virtues of the departed soul in his years!

The soul heard the soothing praises and was wonderstruck!
When it was in the body they never whispered that sort of talk!
For a moment it thought it must be some body’s body not its own rack,
So it looked into the box covered with fresh linen and shining white pack!

Yes! It recognised its own face and enetered through the nose!
It is easy to go in the same way that one makes exit from the house,
After a few rattles the body moved and it was a sensational news!
Doctors who declared it dead said it is a miracle, as per Echo views!

The speakers and guests who ran away from the scene came back trembling,
Many said -‘ Now we can collect all our loans he lost on women and gambling!

Copyright@Dr. Lsr prasad 17.2.2018



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