KING – Live life king-size / Dr. Shivputra Kanade & Sunita Paul

Live life king-size

He who reigns within himself and rules passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.
John Milton

After the huge success of QUEEN đź‘‘, we got requests to come out with a King đź‘‘. So this one’s for all the KINGS OUT HERE.

Vishwabharati Research Centre and Sahitya Anand comes up with an Only Man Anthology
Live life king-size

We believe in every man there lies a heart of a king to rule with his passions and leave a mark wherever he goes. He values his self respect with pride but bows to his Queen beside.
Send us a poetry based on YOUR LIFE AS A MAN.
Now be a KING and rule over with your pens.

Warm Regards,
Shivputra Kanade
Sunita Paul

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