Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



Peep deep inside my innocent eyes
Ensure, witness of true love,there
Speak with them, they cannot lie
Feel beauty of eternity, oozing from them.
Stain blue sky with moment of love.

My eyes lucious than crimson lips
Luminous more than the Sun- sip
Dive deep beneath ocean like surface
Perceive the ecstasy of ultimate joy
Mesmerise the reality with hypnotic sights .

Look into my glittering blue eyes
There is boundless love for you
The journey of love that you start
Through the tunnel of my passionate eyes
To dwell inside each heart beats of mine .

Until my eyes imprison your reflection
No gate -pass for you , to my soul
Let me intoxicate you with arrow of eyes
To restore your love inside my heart
And bathe you with tears of joy.

Rivers that flow from my glimmery eyes
Believe me, are symbols of chastity and clarity
Captivated moon inside my calm-eyes
Cool down you from summer fright
Beneath the shade of my eyelids
You can enjoy sound sleep of peace.



A humble request for both of you
Oh time and space ! Listen to me
Please stop ,infinite journey for truth
Eternal destination of life ,I attained.

I can definitely , fly above I,me and myself
Along with wings of true- unconditional love.
Timeless and formless beyond birth and death
My soul transforms into centre of my own eternity .

Awareness of transcendence with true self within me
Helps me to view the world itself in your love.
I will wrap horizon and break the boundary of universe
I will reflect heaven even inside a grain and drop of rain .
My conscience inspires me to hold the Sun in my palm.

Love is indeed, a source of creation, a spirit of life
Destination of life and a solid reason of smile of life.
Beyond destruction, a reliable path of tranquility .
The hierarchial levels of consciousness within me
Dance with melody of each heart beats of love.

The clarity of my own soul relies on attitude I hold.
I experience a heavenly insight , killing ego within me.
Colors of rainbow fuse altogether with one another
To delight me with ultimate joy of Enlightenment.
I need to realise I am, something more than me.
Through detachment and negation of material gain.
Try to feel me within you, then you can feel world itself in you.



Nothing is infinite than
That of mother’s love.
Such a precious divine love
Full of impalpable sweetness
She is such A one who
holds the eternity itself
inside her womb.
Nothing can compensate
Pains and griefs that
She had beared
For the prosperity
And future
Of her kids.
Unselfish and devotional
Mother’s love, is beyond
Our perception and
Beneath the shade of her breasts
Her children rejoice paradise.
We all receive the gift of life
From you,dear mother.
We all are nothing but
A part of you.
We cannot pay,never
The cost of nectar
With which you fed
All of us.
Indeed you are symbols of
Affection and compassion .
We do all really adore
You as a substitute
Of perfect
Divine Love
Divine Love.


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