The Poetess and the Novelist as Couple / Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
The Poetess and the Novelist as Couple
In your eyes –
the mirror of love
I no longer see
the burning flame of passion
In your touch
I feel some stress
Am I no longer beautiful?
Am I no longer sexy?
Where are the hours
we spent reading together,
laughing at the moon’s jokes?
Where are the days
we planned our holidays,
talked about our family-building vision?
My days fly amidst books, editors,
translations, reviews, interviews
Yes they say they are mesmerized
by my poetry
My Facebook messages keep growing
I wish to stop writing as I feel tired
but my muse loves me
she comes back,
wipes my tears,
adds red lipstick
to my smile
Your nights are blessed
by your beautiful prose,
With coffee and cigarettes
your imagination flow
Yes you’re a successful novelist
You’re loved globally too
But my love, where are we?
Can’t we mend it?
Your witty smile says “Yes”
So my love, let’s put paper, pen,
tablets, laptops all aside for a while
Let’s re-ignite the passion, once lost
Let’s fill our hearts and souls
with true, undying love.
Oh my love!
Deep inside, I still love you.

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