Poems by Krishnan Radhakrishnan

Poems by  Krishnan Radhakrishnan



I was a seed that had grown beneath the soil,
Watered by the tears and sweat of my parent’s toil,
Adding manures of values, they didn’t allow me to spoil,
I survived the storms and life’s setbacks and turmoil.

My roots firmly planted to earth,
It was my roots which have lent me worth,
I withstood the life’s frost, drought and storms,
I stood tall unfazed of life’s diverse forms.

I have gained lots of good reputation,
Thanks to my roots and solid foundation,
Cemented in my heart with uncompromising conviction,
With my roots, I have strong connection.

We build the society on the foundation of values and morals,
Values drawn from our roots always earn us laurels,
I am a well branched out tree with strong foundation.
Getting stronger every day with bonds and relations.



I have my house and a big car,
And plots of land running in to many acres,
Do I own a single thing on this earth?
But I am drowned in the sea of arrogant mirth.

Traveling back many thousands of years,
Nothing was mine and nothing was yours,
Whatever existed on earth was yet to be discovered,
And whatever discovered was yet to be possessed.

Adam possessed and passed over to Tom,
Tom sold to Sam and Sam to one madam,
Passing millions of persons and ‘owners’,
In that process, it’s rights I took over.

I am the owner of something that does not belongs to me,
I vehemently fight for the right to my territory,
Yelling with arrogant authority that all these are mine,
But it is not mine or yours, but of Nature divine.

My pretension of ownership is nothing but illusion,
In my self centered illusion, I forgot my origin,
I belong to this planet called earth,
But earth does not belongs to me, that’s the bitter truth.

Nothing belongs to me and nothing I will take with me,
When my final day comes, I will mingle with debris,
Nothing will follow and be of use to my ashes,
Will I remember where my cash is?



Chasing the multitude of whims,
Forgotten was life’s truth and maxim,
Caught up in the whirlpool of wishes,
Dreams of making ‘hits’ turned in to ‘misses’

I ran after my whims like a raging bull,
Neither I got happiness nor the pockets got full,
Willingly, over my eyes, I put the wool,
Neither got peace nor any thrill.

Running after whims and hit by wham,
Always I got stuck in a jam,
Many times duped by scams,
A whimsical parasite!!, that is what I am.

Wearing the float of my whim,
Through life’s ocean I tried to swim,
My chances of crossing it was so slim,
My soul chanting melancholic hymn.

A victim of whims and caprices of earthly tides,
Many times, people have taken me for rides,
Towards the gate of hell, I started to slide,
Oh, merciful God!, be my guide.

© K.Radhakrishnan



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