Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya  Thakur



Sorrows are sold on pages of Poetry,
My words were penned in sleepless anxiety,
Everyone was touching the sky in success profound,
I was like a pale Moon hidden by stars around.

Had I been proud I would have broken down pining,
But I was a modest branch stooping in front of all,
People kept changing their colours around me smiling,
I also did shine but crushed like spices in grinding.

Who were in great hurry ran towards their goals,
I was learning the secrets of depth from ocean old,
Life can change any moment ,be humble,
Don’t let success touch your head you may any time stumble.

Don’t hurt others on your way to the top,
Arrogance will only make you a flop,
Settle all quarrels by bowing in humility,
Where you are not wrong embrace in affinity.

Life is too short to impose your superiority,
Helpless you were born,helpless will be your identity,
Learn to respect all human in equality,
From dust you have come will be buried in all vanity.


Love in the storm

Wandering away in desires unleashed,
You are my silhouette of desire revealed,
Dancing in the rain with enchanted breeze,
Kissing floating shadows in burning heat.

Raging storms of love on rainbow arc,
Lips entwined in horizons make a mark,
Colours enraged , Zephyrus wild blows,
In ocean of love enormous waves close.

Our hearts inflamed burn in pleasure,
Soulmates resemblance is true treasure,
Luminous Moon rises in clouds above,
Raindrops pour down in torrents of love.

Sky looks ominous with lightning ,thunder,
A storm rage breaks at our love in wonder,
Drenched lovers under canopy of stars,
Protected by affection, deception is a farce.

Lover’s mesmerized on merry go rounds,
Run in excitement moonbeams bound,
Wet petals float in fragrance around,
Love is tightroped drenched homebound.

Enchanted endless escapades dance,
Wet sleepless night fell into a trance,
Memories of strange aromatic charms,
Melodies of free lyrics meet by chance.



Leisure is the time to do something useful,
Taking things easy is much more restful,
Leave nothing for tomorrow what can be done today,
But once work is over don’t fret or let guilt stay.

Put up your feet , it’s time for leisure ,
The body and feet in harmonious measure,
After whole day of work now time for pleasure,
The mind needs serenity of solitude to treasure.

There is nothing more precious than peace everyday,
Nothing is worth to lose on its way,
Money can’t buy happiness or joy,
All external influences destroy or deploy.

Everything you want is within your reach,
Change your thinking if peace you seek,
Mountains of troubles may be at your door,
You will not fall if you walk on your floor.

Relax in peace after a long day ,
After all you have stood your ground today,
Time is a camouflage,memories to stay,
Restore and cherish your energy for another day.


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