BOOK REVIEW : MY MYSTICAL EYE  (Selected poems and quotes ) – By Hela Jenayah Tekali from Tunisia / ASHOK KUMAR 


(Selected poems and quotes ) 

By Hela Jenayah Tekali from Tunisia

 Edited by Dr .Jernail S Anand 

Hela Jenayah Tekali’s latest poetry collection ” MY MYSTICAL EYE ; leaves no doubt in the lovers minds of mystical poetry .Our International mystic poetess from Tunisia has spiritual experience which can’t be neglected by any one .She quench her thirst with mystic Philosophy .

I close my eyes 
And I inhale deep 
To see his silence 
While I sleep 

These heavenly pearls of wisdom appeal all spiritual lovers to taste the nector of philosophical and spiritual ideology .
It gives me a great pleasure to be an author and poet from the ancient ,holy land of saints India to write review for such splendid soul who has mystical eye .

I’m a cup caught ,under 
the nector of love 
If you don’t believe
we look closely at the 
Butterfly of my soul 

She has earned a place of distinction both at home and in the hearts of literature lovers .Such selected poems as are characteristics of her art of composing poetry with divine vision .


Hela Jenayah Tekali

Contents of this divine book gives us glimpses of shinning stars of the beautiful sky .

Love is a living soul 
Mysterious ,pure and divine 
who sprouts like a flower in poetic line 

The emphasis on nature and truth shows her unselfish love which motivate all of us to love optimistic approach .
A brave woman does not need a man
She is Her own man
She express her mystic approach as Walt Whitman in her beautiful pearls 

Close your eyes and 
Feel the divine ; 
the soul tastes sweeter
than the wine 
Her quest for the divinity is ultimate reality 
My eyes is the sun 
Through which I see 
The celestial energy of 
your universe 

She uses symbology to express her pain and happiness :

My soul is bathed in light 
Not bound by space 
It breathes in fragrance 
Not borne away 

Her introspection quest of metaphysical remind us John Donne ; 
I’ve known the devil 
And seen the beast 
Now I’ve met the Angel …..

She described If you don’t accept metaphysical ; Mysticism ,spiritual philosophy how can you accept holy scripture .
Many distinctive features have been shown by this mystic poetess

My pain is silent
,My ecstasy screams 
,. we dance under the rain .

Being a critic ,poet and author I can say ” My Mystical Eye ,is a divine book of Mysticism and spirituality .” 


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