BAPA( Father/Dady) / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray


BAPA( Father/Dady)

You are like the old light post
On you seasonal variations failed to impact
Though dim, your radiation 
Even a blind can feel , so subtle but supreme

You are the tall palm tree
Tiny bird is optimistic and free
Weird wind surrenders and flee
Safe is it’s nest,unperturbed swings with glee

With you my world sings song new
My hopes find new windows to renew
Fearless I am before hurdles myriad
Feel as if I won the mundane Olympiad

You are like the fresh green coconut
Outer is insuperable , strong and stout
Inner contains sweet water , juice pleasurable
In rituals your need all acknowledge en masse

You are now an octogenarian , ripen fruit
From the tree a mild wind can pluck you down
Still I see star studded dreams in your wet eyes
Can you tell, dreams do die or to contagious they fly

-Dr.Alok Kumar Ray

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