Twilight / Poem by Flerida Ambrocio

Poem by Flerida Ambrocio
Oh, how i wish to enjoy twilight zone
Watching wonderful heaven’s colour
Little by little brightness disappeared
Darkness begin but still in my heart you will stay forever
Your memories keep haunting me
I can’t errase you from
my mind.
Yes, it was twilight time when you broke my heart
You broke my dreams
Everything we plan since the very start turn to nothing
Why did you ever say goodbye ?
Why did you ever make
me cry ?
Just for awhile i’m with you
And love was starting
to be real
I blame myself for
loosing you
I was a fool to let you go
My restless night had found you so
I stay forever loving you
It seems like magic !
I can’t beleive it !
You and i back to each other arms
This moment of
twilight time
Then suddenly, stars
up above
Turn twilight into bright
Skies so bluer than blue
Love is lovelier
The second time around
Much sweeter than before
Thanks for the twilight zone
We are happy as could be
My sweetheart, my dear
Let me be your lover
once again
Let me call you honey
And just call me sweetheart
For the rest of your life.
Copyrights@Flerida Ambrocio

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