THE POETIC PAINTER / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton



The poetic painter, sits & ponders,
As his looks at his canvas & wonders,
What shall I paint today?

With his palette of colors & words,
Holding his brush of inspiration to serve,
Beautiful collages of visual arts,
Taking in like a sponge, to ignite & spark,

Ideas of thoughts, mix it with enlightenment,
Add a streak of love & blotch with excitement,
Make sure to fill it full with self,
For it to stand out like no one else,

Let the winds of life, dry it just right,
Let it take hold, so it stays so tight,
Admire your handy work & give yourself a hand,
It all came from within & self, like no other can,
From the poetic painter.

written by Timothy Payton

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