Series # 9 “Moans of LOVE / Poem by Ade Caparas

Poem by Ade Caparas


Series # 9 “Moans of LOVE

“Faith, It Is An Ecstatic Moans of Love”

“to live without faith is not to exist at all, for even a tiny mosquito has its faith.”

some fantasy
of being cornered
to a rape,
of being abused mutilated
to a point
of death,
haemorrhage oozing…
i immediately conceive
to establish myself
a mighty force,
an unthought logic of me
being a David
to outdone Goliath…
a built-in faith…
that i can stone
my opponent
to extinction.

is it a nightmare,
an expedient annihilation
to instinctively think
of killing someone
who would cause me harm…
i can readily
admit the abyss,
as a comfort zone
but as an emotional deletion,
i mask my fear
i swoon
my courageous tirade,
thunder it out,
escaping that halocaust
which makes me
a heroine:
i am alive: i feel ecstatic!

__ade caparas manilah
monday 3:31 pm 17 june 2019
sydney nsw australia

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