Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty



I love you!
You may not love me.
But you can’t negate my love for you.
I am true to my love,
my exclusive possession.
No one, not even you,
can deprive me of my love,
my only treasure,
without which I am just a pauper.

I fancy a life with you,
a beautiful life, full of colours,
where there is no hypocrisy,
no ego, no selfishness, and vanity,
only love with all its beauty,
as pure as the silver moon,
and as fresh as morning’s serenity.
Waiting for you since long.
Just look at me! I am there where I was,
look at the chemistry!
our heart and soul, body and mind
are in perfect harmony.
Look back! that will be the day of my life

No regrets,
if you don’t come back.
Let me be here with all my love and tear.
You are in my dreams,
unless my dreams become reality,
let me remain in my dreams.
I will never let the night fade into morning and my dreams to harsh reality.
I will remain in my dream, which, for me, is more real than my pathetic reality

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights reserved



The hands that groomed me,
the eyes that loved me,
the ears that listened to me,
are no more.

The fountain of love,
the epitome of sacrifice,
the perennial stream of wisdom,
is no more.

The beautiful tree
under the shadow of which,
I played and smiled
grew and developed,
and lead a carefree life
is no more.

No more is the man,
who manned and schooled me
and made me what I am.
No more is the window
through which l looked at,
no more is the giant patriarch,
who lived his whole life
for others and the values, he held high.

I am all alone,
in a sparkling whirlpool,
the sea is boisterous,
getting violent and virulent
and more and more turbulent,
the able navigator is no more,
who will bring me ashore?

copyright@smrutiranjan 27.6.2015




The word that touches me hard, and closest to my heart, is father.
The word that is music to my ear,
the divine Onkar is my father.
The word, that runs in each drop of my blood, the word my tongue so eager to utter is my father
The man, my whole being die to visualize
the voice of whom my ears avid to listen is none else but my father.
The man who is larger than life,
the picture of confidence, the epitome of love and sacrifice is my father
The man who has done no wrong,
whose very presence inspires confidence is my father.
The teacher who loved his students more than his kids and for whom his students are his sons by culture is my father.
I was his son by birth, but he never told me whether I could become his son by culture.

I know not
How come I am alive, when you,
my idol is no more.
How I am fighting against all odds,
the vagaries of life, the turbulent sea, the violent weather when the able navigator is no more.

You have not died.
Fathers never die,
remain alive as a feeling and consciousness, and that is what guides me in every step.
You know what you mean to me,
to the people who know you,
and you are still in the heart of our hearts, showing the way, guiding us to perfection.

When we fumble,
we always find you behind the back patting our shoulder, murmuring in the ear,
“My child! I am here, always with you forever”

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved

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