Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak (Poland)

Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak (Poland)
Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in Opole, Poland. In 2004 in search of work migrated to Great Britain, where she lives. Emigration was a difficult choice for her because, as she says, “Life in the home country on the edge of poverty, with no chance to work. Miserable existence leading almost to madness, and suddenly opens a window to the world and invites you to reach for new possibilities. So I reach – not without fear, after a long deliberation – ,, I reach and leaving the past behind begin to build a new life. At the heart is a longing that brings poems“
She published six volumes of poetry; four in Polish and two in English. She also writes prose and released a novel and a few short story collections.
Her work may be found in numerous worldwide anthologies and magazines.
Winner of many poetry competitions. Proud holder of many diplomas, awards, and distinctions
Poems by Helena Mazur-Nowak
The nest
the nest, once bustling
with chatter of young chicks
strewn with soft down
fragrant with bird’s milk
today is empty
the chicks have grown
flew away into the wide world
built their own nests
and forgot the familiar one
the lonely old mother
resting her head on the nest’s edge
gazes into the distance
towards the clouds
the tear in her eye, frozen
her heart pounds with pain
at every shadow in flight
she looks with longing
the nest, once bustling
today is empty
memories lurk in the corners
but will they fill the emptiness?
Make yourself free day today
try to squeeze your butt into your old jeans
the ones you’ve got in the closet for years
they passed with you through many years
through so many bad days and still stitching
they keep despite many holes and patches
turn on the magical black long play record, you love
light a candle and maybe ideally better two
Sit back on the windowsill again
let your heart fly high up
as it used to in the past to the stars
everyday chasing for bread
stripped us of the remnants of dreams
make yourself free from the world today
from the worries of problems and bits of advice
let us smile again like a crazy
for no reason without a purpose, just like that
sit yourself up on the clouds for a moment
weave a ray of sunshine in your hair
return back to the Earth before the evening
for dinner cut a slice of a fragrant bread
and spread it with a warm smile
because life tastes a bit better with it
The Source of Love
At the top of the stairs of your Church,
were scattered crumbs of eternity. Between
them, I found the sweetness of your heart.
You asked me to stay, even though, I was unworthy.
You, forgave my sins and didn’t ask for nothing.
Bestowed me with never ending love.
The memory of your gentle touch,
made that I spinning with unlimited trust.
You – the enchanting mirage of endless love
rain down on me like Heavenly brightness.
Stand close by me – stay in my soul and my mind
and deep down in my heart – wherever I be.
© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak

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