“History on my plate ” by Lily Swarn” ( Some Blurbs for History on The Plate) / Foreword by Vivek Atray ex IAS

“History on my plate ” by Lily Swarn”
Some Blurbs for History on The Plate
1.There are no words to to describe this special lady.She is a born leader and gives so much to humanity. Her works have inspired us all for many years. I have used so many of her postings. She has been awarded the highest honors worldwide to any poet. She is the rainbow that shines through the hearts of all of us. Her love for family and art is an inspiration to all. She lives to serve and gives all. Thank you dear lady of poetry for all that you do. And she cooks too !Your words are a blessing that inspire so many.
Pasqual Bettio
Senior Senator CSL
CEO and Founder Hollywood Arts Council
Former Senior Senator in California Senior Legislature
Manages Artography USA
Lily Swarn
2.History on the Plate by Lily Swarn is a tale of the travel chronicles ,through centuries ,of the iconic dishes of the world .
It was delightful to read about the evolution of classic recipes, how each culture adds its unique touch to it , yet preserving its authenticity. It pays homage to the power of cooking ,and the recipes that allow us to connect, share and go across barriers of community ,caste and religion.
With food being a conveyance , this book is a melting pot of history , cultures and human diversity . Yet it signifies our rooted collectiveness as a human race ,uniting us all in our appreciation of scrumptious food irrespective of its geographical or cultural origin.
Some of the cordon bleu chef recipes are a must try and they add to the historicity of the book .
This book has been written with so much heart and it captures the spirit of this beautiful quote by Virginia Woolf ,” One cannot think well ,love well , sleep well ,if one has not dined well “.
Sebastian Suarez
(Argentina )
Highly skilled in European Modern Contemporary Cuisine
Currently Head Pastry Chef / Patissier In
Coco Lounge , Urban Grill , Accra and Santoku ( most expensive Japanese restaurant in Ghana )
0. Lily Swarn has a way with words .These are words that are inspirational and these are words that come from the heart. These words will move you and give insight into life and the process of human existence .
Raaja Bhasin Author with national award winning works ,has thirteen Internationally acclaimed non fiction books,over two thousand five hundred articles ,stories and reviews ,handled prestigious assignments for United Nations Development program ,Department of Tourism and Culture ,Indian Institute of Advanced study and bern in camera for the BBC , the Discovery Channel ,National Geographic and Channel Four .
4.Lily Swarn writes with style, punch and panache! Her sojourn into the world of culinary literature is just as fiesty and tasty as her earlier writings. Truly a foodie’s delight is this book…
Foreword by Vivek Atray ex IAS
Author and TEDx Speaker

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