Women of Hope: Stop the Violence and Stigma of Abuse A Revelation and Message of Hope for International Women’s Day / By: Stella Theresa Luna

Women of Hope: Stop the Violence and Stigma of Abuse
A Revelation and Message of Hope for International Women’s Day


By: Dr. Stella Theresa Luna

As a woman of hope who have been a victim of battery and domestic violence, dysfunctional family setting , and sexual abuse early in life (teenage rape ), I have been speaking out and helping women in the same difficult situations through an online ministry Defyingmama since 2016 and has been a source of counseling and hope for women I only knew by first name . Writing about domestic violence, physical , sexual , mental abuse and the cases of mental illness that comes with having to deal with violence . Through receiving messages and prayer requests online, it have been a journey of hope for these unknown women, and some who have braved to reveal their identities. I’m not a therapist but a life coach, and have applied principles of Christian faith in my approach to counseling using my background in One Year Practical Ministry Course from a Bible Institute. Some may question my capacity, but God has given me a purpose to use the gift of experience and empathy in associating with victims along with having a background in scriptural counseling and ministering to women.

Its not an overnight thing but a process of healing. It can take years. The trauma and generational curses brought by a succession of violence has its roots . And some still have not overcome it and caught in the web of a nightmarish past. There is a stigma but stigmas are created by people’s and society’s perceptions and views. If they are challenged and changed and interventions are systematically in place like having social programs aimed at violence against women and children, and implementing it, there is hope and it is has been proven in cultures and countries adapting the Magna Carta for Women and abiding to it with grit.

Be a voice for other women who cannot speak and fight for themselves . Empower them early and young so that they may grow to be fruitful and worthy citizens and mothers. Domestic Violence and sexual abuse start early and it is in homes where they need to be nurtured and protected most by the people she trusts to care for her . Battering is serious abuse and is a process that has been ingrained and often practiced in homes whether rich or poor and in relationships that needs counseling and intervention before it cause serious consequences as mental health problems ( depression , suicidal tendencies , drug problems ) , serious injuries requiring hospitalization , incapacitation and disabilities and death . It gives rise to more social problems as healthcare , economic loss, ( loss of jobs and incomes leading to poverty) , injustice brought by loopholes and weak enforcement of laws , and in the legal system , peace and security.

So addressing violence against women and children can lessen the burden of the ill effects and related social problems attached to it, and it can help improve the society’s over all stability and prosperity. No violence in homes brings peace in the family and in the community.

Brave the stigma , speak out and fight for your rights. Speak for those who can’t.

Women’s rights are human rights.

Inspire and empower other women.

Remember that you are not alone, there are many like you who are suffering and needing help and do not know what to do or where to go. But through the years, there have been changes and developments and the rise of social media gave way as a bridge to educate and inform and help to be made accessible to the masses. There are ways now in stopping this, and people are more aware and vigilant to abuses. There are support groups and organizations, NGOs and the UN Women and UNHRC. There are women ministries in faith groups and churches.

God is in control and God has a purpose in your life. The challenges are meant to awaken you and strengthen you like gold refined in fire. Through the fire you will undergo cleansing of impurities until you turn into pure 24 carat gold .

I underwent this fire through tribulations and went through a process of refining and by God’s grace going through this purification everyday and running the race. I have been healed and have found Light in darkness only by His grace and not only from man made interventions. A holistic approach works best and faith that overcomes. The healing that comes from God is complete and redeeming. And I claim my victory from Him.

Glory to God for He is good and worthy of all praise ; everything works for good to those who love God.

Happy Women’s Day !

Peace , love , and Blessings to all.

Woman of Hope, Defyingmama
Watchman for Christ
Poet,Writer, Social Activist and Peace Advocate
Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Humanity and Creativity
Global Representative and Executive Director,
Galaxy International Foundation

Amb. Dr. Stella Luna.
Copyright March 8 2020
Manila, Philippines
All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Women of Hope: Stop the Violence and Stigma of Abuse A Revelation and Message of Hope for International Women’s Day / By: Stella Theresa Luna

  1. Deep and divine lines … can touch heart of all …. valuable thoughts with a vision of love and generosity … Congratulations dear sister forever from India and from my MYSTIC heart and soul ….

  2. In precise, manifestations of various social ills in society, that women always face, is matter if serious concern. Though world is changed and civilization has taken fresh turn, but still the deep rooted social ills rear its ugly heads. In fact, it is matter to reckon with, that needed remedial steps are but inevitable. However, there are laws which define the protection and safeguarding measures to women,but individual and collective efforts are most important. Any female soul being victim of social ills or social evils must be taken to safe protection of law. And till some individual or orginuzation take the bull by horns, no desired fruition.
    So the sublime efforts is Stella L Luna is illustrative and copious. Her ceaseless efforts and undying zeal towards dealing the ill treatments and oppression perpetrated to Women, honestly, is most commendable deed. She deserves to be showered upon by praises for her noble mission.

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