Love in the Corona Time / Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic

Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic


Love in the Corona Time

On the Equinox, I will summon the goddess SUNNA
The divine radiance of her aura will illuminate my heart
Her solar light will nourish me
She will revive the Earth and clear all cells of my being
She will shower me with her rays of gold and
bring Love and new Life
In this deadly Corona time
Eternal Rome is emptied – a ghost town from a picture of De Chirico
Milano bleeds. Bergamo weeps.
My own Belgrade allows only its young out in the streets.
The lights are turned off on Broadway.
The snaking lines of hungry workers disappeared from in front of the food carts.
The subways emptied.
Coronavirus crossed the Ocean
To eat the Big Apple from inside.
Global pandemic from Wuhan has irrevocably changed the world
When the world falls in all around you, you have pieces to pick up
something to hold on to
like yellowed photographs, old letters, family memories
used ticket stubs or theater programs as you have time to roam your house
The pleasure of small happenings is upon us
Leaiure – a pleasure of another age
When hours were longer and days endless
Quiteness and silence the concepts of bygone times
Are upon us – again!
Signs are here –
ducks appear in Fontans di Trevi, swans in Venice!
As the smoggy skies above Wuhan
are blue and crystal clear now
and after so many years
visible from above
so will the sun rays penetrate this darkness
and prove the old saying – Post nubile Phoebus
and clear the path for the new life, the new light
for the world to change –
and unite!

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