Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



A woman leaves the safety of lockdown,a baby barely two months old tied on her back,
Mission being to search for what the brood of five will eat,
Banging door after door of locked gates and wired fences,
Her cough and runny nose are the only sounds to blend in with dog sounds,
Back at the hovel where soap is a luxury,
She sits to suckle the new born as she sorts wild vegetables for one last meal,
Neighbors are no better, water being such a commodity of expense,
From a bachelor’s lone radio news filter in periodically,
Keep indoors, drink enough of warm water and ensure sanitization of everything you touch,
She shakes her pounding head at the helplessness of her situation,
Accross the fence the neighbor offloads enough to feed a clan though his entire household is only three,
Aches and pains drum the body with spasmodic beats,
She too is in lockdown,
Though not the recommended,
Hers is the kind that is obviously quite pointed,
Either the elements come down with a solution,
Or her fate is clearly one of poverty having won,
Lockdown has more than distancing from others,
For some,
Its socio economic distancing with life itself.



Am at war within my wall fighting a PHANTOM from Utopia,
Am in grief within graves sight asking infamy why now,
Am in fright within my missed flight, wondering how this came to be,
Then an early bird dressed in red chanting the beauty of gods and godsmen did let on,
That MAN, an aged man caged in his rage at aging masses he did create is deranged,
Seeing not his posh shoes for his distended gut he spews death to cull the herd of “useless life’s”
Experiments are the mettle of science and engagement periods,
Sampling the direction of what to expect,
To shoo the nosy souls still respectful of life,
Cages and more of the same brutalize dissent,
Blood letting is sure to stay alternative voice,
Disappearance without trace more eloquent,
Throw in conspiracy and propaganda and smoke pervades interpretations,
What a Maverick and showman in your own theatre cheering on yourself,
What a dancer hopping on world stage doing a gig of mayhem and incredulous misfits,
Regimes come and go like brittle bones succeeding youth,
And flesh, be it the emperor’s who holds your breath at Ramson,
Soon settles to the very dust you now send the dispensables,
Another chapter in the inglorious book of the “MANOFTHEHOUR”
While in this friendly prison of saviour status,
Praying for another day in Paradise before the real one,
I just wonder at MAN.



My own is yours, time and place now irrelevant,
My fate lay in Providence and a bit of obedience to common sense,
Herd complex tells it loud, often in repeat forwards,
If you are numb, nauseous and delusional,
It’s a tag from worrying souls,
Faith is not out buying or over stocking,
Hope is not holding onto incommunicado,
Group thinking in over drive is a rapid river that can only drown,
Reach out in this virtual world and touch a soul in good will,
Do the normal even with the abnormal in Vogue,
The sun still came out and did shine,
The wind is on it’s usual blow,
If with little you could feed another please do,
Love has more than a hug to show for it’s shine,
PRAYERS speak blessings without bias,
Acknowledge hard times as occasionally they must come,
But LIVE through it without a tone of damnation,
For when morning comes,
Humanity, hopefully shall still remember these times,
And the lessons that came with the scare,
Perhaps we shall have redeemed our beliefs,
From the errors long fed us,
That humanity comes in colors and races,
Right now,
Man is man everywhere,
Keen to survive the day,
And live to tell of the year,
When a minuscule germ tormented human race.
Stay blessed and safe till boarders welcome guests from a far.
In the union that for decades we took for granted.

Nancy Ndeke
@ March 2020

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