Poems by Irina Lucia Mihalca 

Poems by Irina Lucia Mihalca 


The drop of life

Poetry finds the poet sometimes.
In every verse we are, everything is there!
From the deep springs come to the surface,
And where there is the groundwater, life will also be,
and the thirst quenched, and many more…

The soul travels where the light sees,
we exist because we dream
And every dream keeps us alive.
You are the traveler who comes in my way,
With insatiable you look at me in the waves of waters.
A living water from which
we will drink without thirsty!
– Come, my love, I call you,
In you I am the one dreamed of forever!
Something hurts, if you close your eyes, you feel me,
you know happiness and suffering bring
new expressions of the spirit.
Nothing is between us, the eternal of love,
the point that no one reaches.
– You are a fortress, let me defeat you!

– I will help you cry with happiness,
Don’t want the moment to end,
because, yes, you will touch the moment,
you will become the moment, it is an ideal!
– Time is an illusion,
the rebirth of the moment when the light
rolling on the round in us.

– I know love is the only standard
what measures time, and its fruit
blooming on a bed of poppies
through the osmosis of bodies, emotions, hearts.
I lived with you
the most beautiful trip
– detaching from the body -,
soul mate I was in those moments.
You communicate to me on another level,
I can sit down
quieter in the page of your life.
– What makes this dream more real,
What color is love?
Look at the star, shine at your window!
It sparkles more intensely than the others,
a new mirror you will receive from today for a tomorrow…

We met in the light, sublime merge,
Unconscious happiness,
The eternal moment surprised in balance,
a smile on the open wave of souls.
The drop of life there comes from!


The wing of the song, a gift of love

With every breath
we continue our journey to the essence.
In secret, lights, filtered shadows.
In bolduite letters your wish is written,
Solar powder, a paradise of a moment!

Broken by oblivion, through empty spaces,
you lose the song,
Waiting for spring is your hope,
you miss the tumulation of the first heartbeat
and the touch of every kiss.
In her pain, she wears the smile,
Deep sobs bring back memories.
Your broken heart cries,
it’s impossible to be restored
until you hear a suave song.
Angelic song, the chills of the inner dream!

With every sound reverberated,
her voice is the roof of your sky,
you still have her lovely smile and song.
A gift of love, a gift of life!

In your long way you will welcome
us and new obstacles.
Now you know you will keep it unextinguished
the flame that accompanied you for a while.

A torch that burned to continue your journey,
To enter the depths
the maze of your cave
You needed this torch!
Maybe another one would have lit up,
faster or more intense,
Leaving you in the dark, a few steps away,
overwhelmed with sounds
and by thoughts woven by the mind.
Maybe her flame was needed
to accompany you
a good piece of road,
To understand
that you can continue your journey
with the images of the treasures seen in its light.

To go all the way, without the lights off,
It’s the real challenge, you used to call it!
Where’s her border?


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