DISTANCES (DALJINE) / Poem by Mubera Sabanovic

Poem by Mubera Sabanovic



Calling the distance hugs me
invisible soft,
chained steel
not letting the kidnappings go
existence and closeness.

In search of sensitive senses,
to the places and soil of the earth,
where I was born.

That love is enduring
and the call is calling me to that ground,
places of roots,
where I sprang.

Bera Beras @ 2017.07.19



Zov daljine me grli
nevidljivo meko,
okovanim celikom
ne pusteci otete zelje
postojanja i blizine.

Tragajuci osjetljivih cula,
na mjesta i tlo zemlje,
gdje rodjena sam.

Ta ljubav je postojana
i zov me zove na to tlo,
mjesta korijena,
gdje ponikla sam.

Bera Beras@ 2017.07.19

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