THE UNMEASURED THRILL / Poem by Dasharath Naik

Poem by Dasharath Naik
Shattered and wounded the poet
Bathed in the warm blood
In the mid day sun
Or in the silent hour of midnight ;
The earth and the sky tremble
In the radiant smile of the gulmohar tree
The reddish glow
The indelible stain of calmness
Get scattered on the jasmine like lips ;
One comprehends or not
He grasps all the heart’s commotion
All the storm and undercurrent
In the soaring waves of whistling wind
And the end of all quest ;
Tearing the heart
Pouring tears of Asaadha
In the shower of warm blood
Enraptured in the fragrance of poetic bloom
From across the threshold
To the distant horizon.
And the delight of poetic pangs
Fills one’s heart
With the unmeasured thrill.
© Dasharath Naik

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