Poems by M. A. Rathore

Poems by M. A. Rathore



If we change the dimension,
The field of our thoughts will change
Accordingly and create an atmosphere;
Full of magnetic field
That a man keeps within him.

For the purgation of self
We need to develop the attraction
And repulsion around us
Which make the way easier to
Reach the ultimate aim of our life.

Negative enforcement will change
The attitude of a man negatively
While positive energy motivates him
To think about life in an initiative way
That leads to his salvation.

Let us mind not the injustice
Done to us by someone knowingly
If we just let it go off,
We are close to the periphery of God;
He incarnates His picture in man.



Truth must prevail and I stand for it:
The study of truth is the study of God
While the study of falsehood proclaims
The practice of witchcraft and deception
Where the person barters his soul.

We are enchanted with greed
Of name and fame for momentary ambition;
Unknowingly we favour the ferocious fiend
To save ourselves from criticism;
While we need courage to take decision.

The fiend is powerful and clever enough
To change the direction of the sea;
What though the tempest does not
Stand by the might of the protagonist;
Fortune favours the brave.

The handle of an axe is made of wood,
Acts the work of chopping;
And the partner in crime helps the criminal
To spread terror and violence;
In all the circumstances, truth must prevail.

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