Poem by Marcela Villar M. 

Poem by Marcela Villar M. 



Don’t miss the air,
Take a deep breath.
Do not fear,
Breathe while listening to the night sleep on you.
Breathe every petal grow
on your trees and branches at sunset.
Take a deep breath in your own hands
that are perfect clay.
Breathe your fingers,
molded for farming and bread made of love.
Remember, you still have unique air in words
that sprout from your mouth when you sing
in the morning prayer;
do not ignore your own voice.
Don’t turn off the music because it’s been forging
inside you from before you were born:
came with you so that you will create gardens and trails
in a world made for your hands and voice.
You’re air and mud.
You are music that emanates from the inside of the
You are fire that perfects the fields
for ripe wheat harvest.
You are Eden and desert, fruit and thirst;
sea and desolation, all you are.
Man and woman.

© Marcela Villar M. 2020 2020 2020 2020

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