Duet Poem No.3 / By Dr. Ram Sharma (Meerut, India) & Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines)


Duet Poem No.3
By Dr. Ram Sharma (Meerut, India) & Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines)
Dr. Ram Sharma
when there is a storm of difficulties
persons scattered like dried leaves
from the boughs of life till
when life makes us crucified
this is the question
that haunts us
searching the little moments of life
in which direction
went these leaves
the fate is like a castle of sand
this lesson taught to us
by the leaves
you won despite the defeat
they lost the battle of life despite the victory
time has defeated them
Eden Soriano Trinidad
lives are just borrowed breaths
like leaves even you try to glue
it will be burned the next day.
without legacy
even our own shadow
will leave us before we go
try to win life’s stormiest weather
time will win time
do not dignify the negative ideas
death, hunger, pestilence
unless we are the WHO people maybe,
let us not make our lives a horror every day
speak good things to yourself
YOU are a possibility.
April 26, 2020

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