Poems by Dr. Saumyajit Acharya

Poems by Dr. Saumyajit Acharya
Dr. Saumyajit Acharya is Indian poet.He has nine books in his credits till now.His poems has been translated into English, Jharkhandi and Serbian languages. His writing has been broadcasted in FM radio stations in Bolivia, South America.
Before writing a great poem
I leave my slippers beside the shoe rack
Entering the bathroom I give my child a bath.
Wipe her head.
Whatever I have forgotten to bring,
I make a list of those.
The whole evening I knock the closed shops
In the night I stroll on the terrace
Analyse the bark of the dogs
And after that, I wait for my hands
Which were left to dry on the terrace
They haven’t yet dried…
The girl told her father, I am feeling afraid.
Hearing her father consoled, I am there
Father went to the local club.
He told, I am feeling very afraid.
The President of the club said, I am there.
The Club President went the Councillor
And said, I mean, I am feeling afraid.
Councillor smiled and said, I am there, I am there.
Councillor met the MLA
Said, I am feeling afraid. Do you understand?
MLA waved and said, I am there.
MLA had to go to the Minister.
Minister said, You know, I am there.
While worshiping Minister told everything to the Priest.
The Priest said, I am there, I am there.
After this, the Priest ran to God in fear
God said, I am there.
God is strolling in a large corridor.
That girl had come to meet Him.
Moving her hand on God’s head,
Putting her hand on his back
She consoles, I am there…

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