Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
White rock
Black soil
Don’t coil
As antithetical as price and demand.
White kites
Black wings
Don’t mix
As converse as a mistress and a maiden.
White machine
Black hand
Don’t blend
As contrary as a poet and a poem.
The black is owner
The white is seller
Owner cries
Seller smiles.
Holy Words
Holy Words affirm about three categories of people.
Leftists, who are the goers to perdition
Rightists, who are the riders to salvation
Pioneers are the best, owner of the staple position.
Before the Day of Judgment
Arrange a study of self assessment
Your works need to be judged
By your third eye, to be classified.
The Moon
The foolish lovers
Spreading fingers
The indiscreet lovers
Fixing each other’s eyes.
Breaking silence he tries to praise as a clinical cure
Though nonsensical, always multiplex metaphorical lure.
The moon is set as simile gracing her
Being ravished by all paralysed lovers
Though it is a divine monitor
For human race and their prayer.

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