Poems by Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar

Poems by Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar
I went with you,
With that rose I gave you,
It was me
Living in it,
Laughing with you,
Crying with you,
Enjoying the small little pleasures,
Resting within those pages,
The pages of the Chemistry book,
Many a reactions taking place within,
Experiments with hormonal refluxes,
The passionate reactions
Resulting in a beautiful form of love,
Then you took a leap,
You moved on,
But love thrived,
Stagnating with the mildew,
Breathing in some fresh air
When your fingers
Strayed over the pages at times,
And then I was lost,
Lost to the world,
Invisible to your eyes
When I fell out of the book,
Down on the dried leaves,
Crushed under the many feet of time
Nothing but mere dust,
Blown away with the wind
To nowhere,
And thus ended a love story!
You hide in the chambers of my heart,
Hiding yourself from the world ,
With some secrets stashed away
In that love filled heart of yours,
While I drink in from
An ocean full of emotions,
Ebrious and excited,
Trying to untie those ‘secret’ knots,
As your breath occupies every inch
Of my dream house ,
Your heady fragrance floats around,
Blending with my dreams,
Livening them up,
Though I never saw you
Come out of your hiding
And infuse my crazy veins
With your passions,
The heart at times
Beats with a sigh,
A sigh that your heart emits,
Bemoaning a sad past,
Still when those sad,
Light brown, gentle eyes
Look up into my eyes and smile,
Why do I see a thousand ships,
Laden with glittering nights
And colourful dreams,
In those two watery eyes of yours !!
let me be the meandering brook
dancing through the parched hills
resting for a while amidst the thirst
longing for the bubbly spring
spraying with the misty droplets
or let me be the fire
that ignites the sun
burning all the while
make you burn too in the heat
with flames of fiery passions
let me be the dewdrop
that rolls down the eyes
of the wild flower
mixes with her fragrance
and calms your crazy nerves
let me be the morning scent
heady and strong
wet as the early breeze
cooling those burning
unslept eyes of yours
let me be the fountain of love
sparkling like crystal
reflecting the colours
of the flitting rainbow
in the chambers of your heart
let me just be the kiss
nestled between those two lips
scrunched and bruised
yet red and throbbing
on your vibrant mouth day after day

2 thoughts on “Poems by Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar

  1. I love your poems. They seem to have been written through the depth of your heart. Words which are so meaningful and beautifully put together.
    Thank you for your lovely poetry and for sharing it with us.

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