Poems by Susana Roberts

Poems by Susana Roberts
The small portion of ingenuity is part of my genes.
Susana Roberts
A hole in the wall
Where dreams are released
In the sound of the night
and frosts dawn
and are holding birds
over the high midday branch
the lukewarmness, the green plumage and the chatter.
A hole in the wall
Small and huge
where to bribe the darkness
with the sigh of a tear on the wall
When the fine light penetrates and leave
stunning the corners
until it becomes air, an empty space
on a street, a passerby,
a foreign homo sapiens
face covered, lonely, ignored
A hole in the wall
Restless, curious
it sleeps on my left side
It is neither light nor shadow
It is uncertainty
the log of a detailed time.
@Susana Roberts-06.17.2020.
To whom does mind?
My lonely bones
spun in the naked segment of the cotton
To whom does mind?
My flesh and pupils of my eyes
the golden wanderer’s song
in the streets of my dreams
To whom does mind?
If tomorrow I die, my son
today is Sunday
your call blinks in the shadows
If never mind
I will go to the park
where my age
is waiting for more readings
I will go
to feel myself embraced
by the river in its joy
while the sunset prepares the waters
entangling some tales in the afternoon
between junipers
Then maybe
I get drunk
with the lights that fade in the banks
the lonely balanced and dry picture
in the contour of the figures of the autumn
Copyright ©-Susana Roberts

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