WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson



We all went to bed in one world
And woke up in another
The third world war
We all feared so heavily
With nuclear warheads
And planet extortion
Twentyfive times over
It never came
It never did happen

But something different came
Something else did occure

Paris is not romantic anymore
Its streets are empty and bare
Rabbits are its pedestrians
The Eiffeltower gather but moss

In Melbourne a violin concerto is played
In the Concert house for all empty rows

In Warsaw you pay big fines
If you don’t wear a mask
At a funeral may only attend three

Hugs and kisses
Are new dangerous weapons
Love and empathy
Has been restrained
Not to visit
Friends and related
Old parents kept
In healthcare lockdown
They die without family
‘Cause no one’s allowed

To keep social distance
Is now how to care

You find that all of money
Power and beauty
Can not buy a breath of air
The nature all around us
Carries on its daily life
With springtime beauty
Brighter than ever

It sends us a message
A message so clear:
You little humans. You are all so tiny!
I really have no need for you
The earth, the air, the sea and the sky
Do quite alright without your help

When you come back
And learned your lesson
Then remember very clearly
You are forever not my master
If you’ll behave
You’ll be my guest!

Swenstorp, Sweden 15/6/20
©® Joanna Svensson

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