“THE SHOW” / New book Tatjana Debeljački




New book Tatjana Debeljački


Three cycles.

Forest spirit (the real man is exactly like the forest spirit. Attractive, seductive, intoxicating, lithesome, motile, persistent, penetrates into the most hidden corners of the heart and soul, but he is also of the wild nature, untamed, volatile, rebellious, etc.), Dragonfly (that is associated with love. Love sometimes, just like a dragonfly, lives too short but leaves traces that could last for centuries.

Every day, new love is born and dies, and we constantly seek for evidences that we are  loved and cared for … and love is tender and fragile just like a dragonfly.) and the third cycle is of  provocative character, detailed sex, seduction, perversion, dirty words and dialogues, etc. There is no better title for that than HE – SHE.


There are illustrations (something resembling a forest spirit, a dragonfly and the third one depicting relations HE – SHE, erotic pose



“Why are you smiling, my love?” – he asks
for a kiss. “Did you thank?”
Yes, I did, from the bottom of my heart”
“Did you see anything, save for the secret soul? And what do you see now?”
“I see us among stars” – and he smiles.
And I was illuminated by a beam of sweet love.
Burnt by the fire of sweet kisses.
In the spring’s dream, lasting loyally.



tatjana -2

Tatjana Debeljački


Publisher: Poeta, Belgrade

Petar V. Arbutina

Writer, literary critic

Sabahudin Hadžialić

Writer, literary critic

Veselin Dželetović

Publisher and critic


Čedomir Cicović


Gordan Ćosić


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