Her Wings / Poem by Opal Ingram

Poem by Opal Ingram


Her Wings

“She arrive on a new day
She stood over a shade of
purple embrace.

Flowing In time.
like a season of clarity
her wings flew high.

She stood still
With a view to behold.

A touch of aura
felt before the sun’.

her wings heap over the fine grass.
with only a surface touch.

“Her wings stood on a valley below.

“She look with a glance.

She arrive standing near a open window.

-a moment define in to nature.

“Her wings flew high.

Like a season of flowers in bloom.

” Her thoughts
were innocence.

“She met her path.

There stood a bird on a tree branch
” He flew by her side.

He sang a melody of bloom!
the essence of a butterfly lovely
are her wings.
They always fly high’

beauty is hidden in her wings.

…..Poem – Her Wings
Written by Opal Ingram (c)
aka Poetress Mystic


Poem by Opal Ingram

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