Poems by Bhina Pillai

Poems by Bhina Pillai



Turn off the tap,
don’t waste water,
repair leaky faucets,
don’t water your lawn,
Play Holi with eco-colours,
don’t cut mangroves and trees,
or soon you will have draught.
Save paper and recycle,
don’t mix chemicals in the rivers and sea,
don’t choke plastic in the drains,
that the roads get flooded when it rains!

Switch off the light to save electricity,
change all bulbs to LED,
that cuts down energy in your home.
Save fuel, do PUC, don’t pollute the air,
Buy everything ecofriendly,
from vegetables to grocery,
Segregate wet waste and dry waste,
make your own compost,
That you don’t pollute the earth,
and let it stay ever green,
The earth is for our mirth!


He touched the chord of my heart

Ashish Goyal touched the chord of my heart,
He works in a bank, helps manage billions of dollars,
In his spare time, he takes tango lessons,
Plays cricket and goes clubbing with friends.
He was the first blind student at Wharton.

He uses screen-reading software, to check his mail,
And when he needs to read graphs,
Which the software cannot do,
He goes through the data,
And tries to imagine the graph in his head.

He said “he has to trust the taxi driver in Jakarta,
When he goes shopping, the sales girl at Philadelphia,
He has to trust the people when he crosses the street,
And the people in Mumbai, Delhi and London,
Where he travels every week.”

He was born in Mumbai with perfect vision,
When he was five, he learnt swimming,
horse riding and shooting,
His dream was to be a tennis player,
But his life changed totally, when he was nine.

While other people were starting to date,
He was struggling to deal with a disability,
He was diagnosed with a condition,
Where he lost his eyesight every day,
But he was not one to give up any way.

He wondered what he has to tell people.
‘Sometimes I can see you, sometimes not?’
His mother pushed him to sit for his exam,
He stood second in his class, due to his attitude,
At Narsee Monjee Management Institute.

His Guru told him “Its only one sense you have lost,
Go find a solution, it’s not the end of the world.”
With his father holding his hand for the second time,
And his sister reading the books tirelessly for him,
He did MBA from Wharton University,
one of the best in the world.

He speaks so well, looks contented and happy,
He is married now, lives in London with his wife.
I saw him in ‘Amazing Awards’on TV,
He said “In life it’s not about coming first,
But it’s all about “Living Life happily.”


Beautiful people do not just happen…

Rhea is my niece’s daughter,
Beautiful and eight years old,
Her eyes twinkle like stars,
Innocent, kind and bold!

She adores her brother,
If anyone bullies him,
She will warn them twice,
And sets them straight!

She is unique and different,
She was adopted,
When she was a baby.
Tiny and dainty, like a daisy!

The parents worked on her,
With love and devotion,
They created an awareness,
That took her to great heights!

One day they had a seminar,
In school, on Breast Cancer,
Though she listened intently,
She could not understand!

When she came home,
She asked her mother,
“Mom I want to help them,
Is there anything I can do?”

Her mother held her close,
And said, “Darling,
That’s very nice of you
You can donate your hair!”

Her hair was long and silky,
Which was her pride,
She oiled and brushed it,
Every single night!

That night she lay wondering,
How sad that girl would have been,
with no hair on her head,
Teary eyed, she went to bed!

She lost her hair, it did not matter,
As she knew it would grow again,
This time it will go to another child,
Who is waiting in the line!

I wish every child would read this,
And help children like these,
Then the world would become,
A better place, full of joy and peace!

All Rights Reserved 2017 Bhina Pillai 


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