Poems by Surbhi Anand

Poems by Surbhi Anand
Don’t shut my door,
I’m girl !
Don’t pour my roar,
I’m girl !
Don’t heat my face,
Eyes have red !
Be settle in your mouth,
I’m not your sprout !
I’m silent,
Becomes violent
Not only for one
Who having steady eyelashes
Will burn out
In your nest
Therefore, my eyelashes have request
Please, don’t stare at me !
We all knows, that liquidity learn us
Blowing, so keep blowing in sense!
©®surbhi anand.
A smile the sign of peace
I don’t know why the people,
Make the choice of weapons,
When only one smile is enough
To eliminate misunderstandings.
My love !
Let us go far away,
Where there is no one,
To build up our own world,
To sow our own seed,
To put into practice and breed
Our own thoughts,
And harvest our own crops !
©®surbhi anand.
Never walk behind me,
Don’t be follower of my footsteps,
Never cherish with me,
That what I wish !
I’m different and you too,
I’m soul mate with brain beauty,
Everbody have to way on
But yes, if you are let to be on me
That my way have even too you,
So, Offcourse you can come
along with me !
We both build up this society bloom
So, come on be besides me,
Take my hand nd knob with me,
Let’s ride on the way of humanity life
©®surbhi anand.

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