Dr.Kalpana Mallick

Dr.Kalpana Mallick

Dr.Kalpana Mallick is a budding poetess, a short  story writer holds a distinctive place among contemporary  writers in India.Being a Chemistry  academician she has a great passion for literature which is reflected through her soft and sweet words of expression of  deep romantic poems,  her sensitivity ,her deep insight and philosophic attitude .

She has writen two poetry books in Odiya namely “PARAMBRAMHA and BHALAPAE MANISAKU” and one English collection “ Crescent Moon”

She has been awarded as the world icon of peace by “WIP”through her poetry for the purpose of enhancing peace, sustainable development and humanity.

Her  English poems has been published in three volumes of Divine madness “An Anthology of love poems ” Published by Ardus Publication, Canada in vol.3,4 and 6and Bouquet of verses vol -1 and  10 poems published in incredible Odisha , an anthology of poems 2017 and in the anthology “Symphony of peace” in JKC college , Guntur. She has been featured in Pentasi B Poetry festival for 2017 . And her poems also published in various leading literary  journals  and  magazines. Her each poem appeals very much and touches the core of the heart of the readers .

DrKalpana Mallick is a renowned social activist and rights activist too.

She works in the field of Women empower ment and human rights too.

She has been honoured with ‘Mahila Ratna’ award by “Viswa Mahila Parivar” New Delhi in  2012 on the occasion of international womens day. And honoured by several literary organisations  in her own state of Odisha.

She resides in village Kapaleswar of coastal district of Kendrapara Orissa.

She loves to lead an independent life , which is seen through her entrepreneur ship character. We wish her all success.



Oh ! lotus

You are in me and
I am in you
together forever
With divine hue

You are the macrocosm
An ever expanding universe
Symbol of mental purity
Spiritual perfection
And natural pacification

I am a microcosm
Longing for the lasting happiness of
Unconditional love and

You are unstained
beautiful and pure
Being originated from the mud
And bloom above desire

I get stuck in the
Mud of obstacles
and struggle

In an enchanting moment of silence
I discover you in my soul as infinity
A lot of seeds of lotus Sprouts
Make me blissful
And metaphor for the
Divine Feet.

Copyright@ Dr.Kalpana Mallick



On the canvas of your lawn
I am a tiny grass flower
longing for the touch of your feet
Blooming gracefully and allure

You never noticed
How much love for you
beholding my heart with ecstasy
The piercing blue eyes
Expanding monotonously
Like fathomless skies

When the morning Sun showers
Refulgence in the green grass
The dew drenched petals
glitter more like the diamond and pearls
The very moment
I feel your loving heart
wiping out my tears

If ever the greenery vanishes,
The wind losses intoxication,
And the vegetation perishes,
I will still be standing there,
Only for you,
With the ever lasting
colours of spring

My fancies are wavering between
emotions and infinity
with a source of great delight
My unconditional love for you
Always Far beyond eternity

Copyright@Dr.Kalpana Mallick  


Bougainvilleas (Paper Flower)

Give me a little space in your heart
I will drench you in divine showers
Beautify the Gardens of your thoughts with
Rainbow colours

The long blooming petals
will mesmerise your eyes with sheer
The sharp vibes will protect our love
from the eyes of the evil doers

The bright green and linear leaves
will keep our love evergreen
Tone up our texture and refresh our mind
with glory of humanism

The stem will continue to stand for you only
In every circumstance of pains and pleasure
In Heavy rain falls or harsh thunders
Deciduous in Scorching summer

I will pour the ocean of happiness
In to your heart
To make you feel the aroma of lavender
My unconditional love will glow in your life

Copyright@Dr.Kalpana Mallick



Touch me not
through your dirty thoughts
To make me measurable and tremulous

Touch me not
Through your treacherous eyes
To snatch my happiness and
Put me into melancholy

Touch me not through your false smile
To break my heart and undermine my life

Touch me not
Through your uneven whisper
To crash down me
like a blow of a gusty air

Touch me not through your
Pretentious words
To cause me a considerable Distress
And urge me hurt

Don’t let our true love fall down
out of trust
I love you so much without cause
Heart to heart
soul to soul
Thoughts to thoughts
Let our unconditional love
attain the climax
Blooming vigorously
holding the message of
Peace, prosperity and growth

Copyright@Dr.Kalpana Mallick

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