Poems by Dr. Santosh Bakaya

Poems by Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Come, I will take you back to the time
When it stood on tiptoe
Becoming a part of the rampant fun
And the indulgent sun
Beamed on.
Flavored with the love of a fond mother
Embellished with the antics of a spunky brother
And sibling revellery
Unleashed under the Deodar tree,
I will take you back long, long ago
When time was a butterfly
With scalloped edges
Flitting feistily
Through thick shrubs and hedges.
When it was a handsome horse going clippity- clop
Galloping at a canter, unwilling to stop.
But, yet, it stood still
As the sun’s glow was captured in water
And we watched as the day became hotter.
When we sailed on grasshoppers’ wings
Time watched warmly as we soared higher on swings.
When leaves glistened with promise
Of abundant bliss.
Time stood under the poplar
With cheery indulgence, on its lips a kiss.
Whistling a happy song
Ignoring every juvenile wrong
With tight- lipped connivance.
It smiled away, finger on lips
As we went gaga over fiery tulips.
Ah, yes, time was happy then.
Not cantankerous
But now, alas, it has fallen on bad times.
Spewing not happy songs, but broken rhymes.
It is a broken glass, alas!
I turn green with envy recalling that happy time
The trees reflect my hue, indulging in a little pantomime.
The litany of the poor farmer went answered
When the rains played truant
And went into a sulk.
Misery wrapped itself around the distraught farmer
The earth was distraught too.
The poor farmer did not know what to do.
Somber night closed around the trees,
In the nocturnal stillness, the farmer prayed.
The earth had always smiled when the sun smiled
Happy at the streaming threads of gold
Into the dark depths of the waters.
When wavelets rippled and roared with a musical splash
And a light breeze hummed softly from the trees
The earth smiled.
Ah, but suddenly it turned into a gale of great velocity
Wild with a reckless abandon,
Thrilled by its own audacity.
The earth lost it smiles.
Would it rain today, was the farmer’s refrain?
A gnarled hand went to his forehead
When the wind drove a stinging drizzle into his face.
Tired eyes shot up to the skies
There was thunder, there was lightning.
Two droplets fell from his eyes
Tears, happy tears, merged with the raindrops
And fell on the earth
And the earth smiled.
The moon comes on tiptoe
and sails towards a decrepit window
Beams at a child sleeping in a patchwork crib.
One patch glimmering brighter than the rest-
the patch where nestled one moonbeam.
The mother lies on the ground, covered by a rag
masquerading as a quilt, a languid hand still holding on
to the rope pulling the crib, lulling the child to sleep.
The waves of the river race each other towards the shore.
In the distance the majestic mountains
kiss the cumulus clouds.
And the moon throbs with acquiescent rapture
Beguiled at the sight of love- drenched mother and child .
Dr. Santosh Bakaya

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