Poem by Manthena Damodara Chary
O Love, let our bodies melt in gentle grace
Entwining themselves in ecstatic embrace
Twilight is meant for our oncoming delight
We can cherish it with dawn of each night
Rejuvenating romance is at a genial glance
Many moments pass in all delightful dance
Life treasured in love measures rare elation
Genuine glee streams in unique celebration
Ebullient emotions enrapture our existence
Enthralling loving hearts in elated elegance
Roaring passions romance in resplendence
Seeking surely all spiritual interdependence
The splendid stars secure us love-chamber
Let the sun be refreshed with deep slumber
Our endless embrace gains gorgeous.grace
Renders all love thriving at prominent place
Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Manthenaiji Sir,
Your poem titled”Romancing Souls”can be analysed from a different perspective altogether,that is that,when the twilight hour is at work,the setting sun sinks into the horizon melting away slowly and surely,it is an occasion which can bring a climax to an enduring love affair which may not be consummated,although it is a love of genuine nature,this love is not fleeting one because of the nonconsummation of it,it is a love affair of spiritual dimension which does have a permanency over the layer of mere physicality,such a love affair is unique,everlasting and interminable in its tone and tenor.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of exquisite nature.
Romanceing Souls is a poem that celebrates the ecstasy of platonic love. “Bodies melt in gentle grace” sets the tone of the poem. It is serene , soft and ecstatic. The lovers are in perfect harmony of understanding the eternity of their love. Twilight does not bother them. The lovers are set to go beyond time and space. Unlike Marvell’s Coy Mistress where the lover is impatient by the transients of Time here we see lovers calm and serene in sharing their love. In Marvell the lover argues with his lady and persuades her to enjoy their physical union or else the “long preserved virginity;and your quaint honour turn to dust and into ashes all my lust” The lover then frightens her of the inevitable end;”the grave is a fine and private place but none I think do there embrace” Unlike these lovers , the lovers in Romancing Souls are willing to carry their love beyond space and time. “The splendid stars secure our chamber ” completes the movement from here to eternity. Great poem beautifully woven.

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